In 2019, railfreight operator PIMK Rail tasked OnTrack with the definition of a universal livery concept for its growing locomotive fleet.
The fleet itself is quite varied, consisting of both Siemens Vectrons and Smartrons, but also of the classic Ludmilla and LDH 125 diesel locomotives. Combining these different body shapes into a single, unified vision resulted in the previewed concept.
To date, the livery design has been applied to PIMK Rail's Class 1142 electrics that were delivered from Croatia in 2020. The resulting adaptation - executed by Koncar Električna vozila - further testifies the flexibility of the original design concept.
OTHER projects
As part of the collaboration with PIMK Rail, OnTrack also created a new web design concept for the operator's website, as well as a company presentation (both design and content).

Other designs by OnTrack

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