In 2020, Siemens announced it would be delivering a total of 15 Smartron locomotives to Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ). OnTrack was commissioned to develop four different proposals for the exterior design of the locomotives which are delivered factory blue.
Following a public poll, “Green Force” was selected with almost 10.000 votes.
About the design
There is a clear tendency for European railway operators of highlighting not only the economy but also the environmental advantages of this type of transport, as compared to the road and air ones.
This is why this ‘entangling’ concept strives to become a symbol of the “Green Force” and power that BDZ will be using to nurture Bulgaria’s environment.
The green colors also come with the idea of modernity and the start of a new beginning in the history of Bulgarian railway transport. All in all this is ‘signal’ livery that will be always noticed (even from afar), with a worthy and meaningful cause behind it.

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