Welcome to the preview of a special project for Denmark. It is the Mireo Plus B livery design for Midtjyske Jernbaner (MJBA), an ongoing collaboration between Ontrack - Creativity for Railways and Railcolor Design. The first battery-electric trains for the operator are expected to roll out from Siemens' plant in Krefeld in 2024. However, an advanced impression of the Trackfinder livery design is already available for sharing.

Final 3D preview of the Midtjyske Jernbaner livery design, co-created by Railcolor Design and OnTrack - Creativity for Railways (RailcolorOnTrack)

About the design
The Trackfinder design brings a balanced mix of bright colours and an angular and dynamic composition, that increases the feeling of speed and dynamics.
The colours
From the two-coloured design of the iconic Y-tog, we move to five different layers of orange and red which stand behind the rich legacy of MJBA.
The shapes
At the same time, the new Mireo trainsets are a state-of-the-art hybrid mobility solution, bringing dynamics and comfort to both commuters and visitors.  
The masks
MJBA is friendly but also serious and professional and this is expressed with the use of darker tonalities that also bring a premium feel.
The icons
The trains are part of an unusually slopey (for Dnemark) landscape and the design reflects that. A selection of iconic visual elements will make the journey more varied but also more memorable.
Much like the trains themselves, MJBA is a vehicle that connects the past and future of mobility
in the region and the acquisition of its new Mireo fleet marks a major milestone in the history
of the company. It also sets a new climate-friendly benchmark for Denmark.
This page will be updated as the project advances further.

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