23,000 locomotives made in Munich, 5 iconic wheel designs from different eras, and one successful partnership (Siemens Mobility & Railpool). These are the key numbers behind the "Wheels of Steel" anniversary design.
The side wrap design features a custom-made composition of five wheels, namely: "Der Münchener" steam loco from 1841, the classic Baureihe 103 (E 03) electric from 1965, and the more contemporary EuroSprinter, ES64U2 (Taurus), and Vectron locomotives from 199, 1999, and 2010 respectively.
Lined up together, the five wheels form the anniversary number that marks the total number of locomotives released from the Munich plants. Vectron 6193 094, sold to Railpool by Siemens, which is bearing the special design has become #23,000.
The clean design relates seamlessly to Siemens' and Railpool's own visual identities and features bilingual slogans in German and English. Finally, the loco has also been adorned with the logos of the “Die Güterbahnen”, an association of companies that aim to shift 35% of German freight transportation to rail by 2035. The locomotive will be operated bt RTB Cargo.
Read on more about the project in the dedicated feature on Railcolor News.

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